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Powerful anti-bacterial treatment

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) with LASER Diode Technology

Once the recommended serrum has been applied to the skin, the  Photodynamic (PDT) mask is placed on top for 30 minutes. The Mask has LASER Diodes with three different light therapy wavelengths. Each wavelength brings a different dimension of treatment to the skin. The blue light which is 415NM is used for cell repair, destroying Acne and promoting cell growth. The red light 630NM is for Skin Rejuvenation for stimulating collagen growth. The pink Light is Infrared 830NM for deep wrinkles.

30 minute session                                    £65

60 minute session                                    £85

(Combined with Microdermabraison or Environ)

90 minute session                                    £165

(Ultra-Figure Special: Permatone-Go (RF), Environ & PDT)