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Juvederm is a range of products including smooth, gentle fillers, volumisers and deep hydration treatments that offer a full-face approach to achieving the natural look you desire. With FDA approval to last up to 1 year.

Facial lines

Juvederm filling fine lines and smoothing wrinkles, for the soft, natural look you've been missing. How does the Juvederm work to achieve its results? Your skin is constantly under attack. Wind, sun, cold, pollution, fatigue, emotional changes, hormonal swings, and the simple passage of time all combine to wear away at its structure. And if that's not enough, your skin's natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid inevitably declines with age. This inevitable moisture loss creates lines around your lips and nose and reduces fullness around your cheek, jaw and lips, giving us an older, more tired look.

Fortunately the the Juvederm range of products can replace your skin's lost HA, moisturising your skin from the inside and helping to give it elasticity and tone. It can quickly restore your skin's lost volume and smooth away those facial lines. And, with its added anaesthetic, you'll have the most comfortable treatment experience possible.


Specially for your lips, for natural, defined, beautiful†results. Immediately after lip enhancement treatment, it's likely you may experience some temporary bruising, discolouration, or swelling. There are no specific food or beverage restrictions after treatment, but to ensure the best possible outcome of your treatment with Juvederm lip filler, you should be sure to take the following steps to care for yourself over the next 24 hours:

» Use pain medications according to your practitioners recommendation

» Don't schedule dental work or face-down massage immediately following your treatment

» Ask your practitioner about facial products or lip balms that should be avoided

» No smoking, pursing lips, kissing or sucking

Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles without surgery with Anti Wrinkle Injections. There is no downtime and you will start to see results after a few days however full results may take up to two weeks.

Our injections use entirely safe natural protein called Botulinum Toxin. The injections work by relaxing tight facial muscles, effectively helping the face stop frowning!